Smart® Natural Law
Natural Law makes happiness experiential. Innate needs when satisfied yield enhanced self-motivation and mental health and when thwarted lead to diminished motivation and well-being. With over half a million research based articles since 2017, the science of innate needs  has exploded citing Deci and Ryan.  Ryan finds “Remarkable Convergence” with Loquate’s primary values discovered by Loquate in 1977 and innate needs.

Loquate is a 501 c3, non profit corporation, listed as a public charity by the IRS.  Smart® is a registered trademark of Loquate in International Class 045.

More than just a copycat, Loquate acquiesces to the discovery and explanation of Arthur C. Brooks on the four pillars of happiness which are family, friends, work, and faith. Smart® habits lead to happiness or joy for Smart® group members and increased sense of community in every group of which they are a part. Taken together, Smart® Natural Law validates and predicts scientifically happiness. Loquate is like a natural food that refreshes oneself, and refreshes all mankind. It is like a vein of gold within that may now be found. Uniquely, Loquate is an expert on interdependence based on Spirit-centered community with freedom to live one’s deepest beliefs in harmony with all. Makes where you work, a best place to work.  Makes where you live, a best place to live. Brings peace on earth. Join Loquate.

Conversations With God By Jeff Liautaud – Second Edition

By: Jeff Liautaud on June 13, 2024 | Filed in: Outreach

Summary: Makes where you live, a best place to live. Brings peace on earth. Join Loquate. Loquate provides research based, empowering structures. Loquate is organized as a charity not for profit. Its work is building community under the trademark Smart® Natural Law that brings peace on earth one small group at a time. Domain Theory […]

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