Conversations With God

By: Jeff Liautaud on November 7, 2023 | Filed in: Outreach

Summary: God has spoken to me since 1985. It began with a Vision and continues to this day. The great reset is upon us. We have to evolve together if we are to survive as a species. Fortunately there are two pluralistic paths to God.

One path to God is the Word. Another path to God is Smart® Natural Law. This book explains Who and What: God is. My precious charity, Loquate, does the same thing.

If ever there was a reason for my conversations with God, I believe it is to explain Who and What God is.

My story is unique, as is yours. My hope is that you will reflect on my story, and see yourself in my shoes.

As a background I give a short description of my life before God began to talk to me.

Then I add topical flashbacks to periods in my life to further explain significant turning points.

Then I publish verbatim my conversations with God. Let the reader beware. No person can go through what I have gone through and love God more than I do. This is intimate and life changing. I am far from finished.

God has told me I am the most holy one of Medjugorje. Medjugorje is an unofficial Marian apparition sight and a part of former Yugoslavia.

I have met with Mirjana, one of the visionaries of Medjugorje.  She has said she has never heard of this prophecy.  She said we always will be united in prayer with the Blessed Mother.

I begin conversations with God with the words I just wrote above on 6/30/23 because God spoke them to me interiorly, what I call Guidance.                                                                                             R143-bh



Conversations With God. 1

By Jeff Liautaud. 1

Summary: 1

Chapter 1 – There are two paths to God. 3

Chapter 2 – The Two Paths Are Pluralistic Not Mutually Exclusive. 6

Chapter 3 – A Community That Rocked My Soul into a Quest, and Marriage. 7

Chapter 4 – A Collision Course. 13

Chapter 5 – Up North: Nature, Prayer, and a Mentor. 15

Chapter 6 – A Spiritual Battle: Grace, Remorse, Grace. 18

Conversations with God. 22

Chapter 7 – A Breakthrough: Jesus Speaks, Domain Theory, Interfaith Dialogue, and Surrender to the Will of God. 23

Chapter 8 – I Have Merged My Consciousness in Prayer with the Most Holy Trinity and in Concert with Natural Law. 24

Chapter 9 – A Prophecy of Peace and Opposition. 27

Chapter 10 – Natural Law Confirms the Right Path. 28

Chapter 11 – Rooted in Natural Law, the Spirituality of The Least is Open to All Mankind. 29

Chapter 12 – The Protective Bubble of Community Begins First and Foremost with One’s Own Family. 30

Chapter 13 – The History of God Speaking to Me. 32

Chapter 14 – My Public Writings Seek to Always be Consistent with the Magisterium, or Teaching Authority of the Catholic Church. 34

Chapter 15 – The Anawim or Remnant. 35

Chapter 16 – The Little Ones Keep Trying. 36

Chapter 17 – A Miracle, First Hand. 37

Chapter 18 – On My Knees, I Pray Again. 38

Chapter 19 – Final Chapter – Love of God. 41

Book Back Page. 42


A Note to the Reader

You, God, are mystery. The example of my life lets the reader see Your mystery by my response to it. This book shows what actions I took. By my actions You are known. That is the value of the book.

I recoil from glorification of myself as a man fears and tries to kill a snake. That snake is Satan.

Yet my book is not about Satan. It is about You. Nothing but good comes from You. Nothing but evil comes from Satan.

My book is about my spiritual battles in the midst of Your abundance. My role describes my littleness.

My self, my false self is burning away.

I am small. So small I want to hide shamefaced as I meet You face to face.

Your role is to pick me up and set me on Your lap, as would a loving father, and tell me how proud he is of me his child.

So I can go play again in safety and protection. Your protection is mighty.

I live in a bubble of community. It is fun. I am happy. I wish everyone could experience my child like joy. I have peace on earth.

Snakes slither away with their unknowing victims intact far removed from me.

For I am Your protector, except St. Michael the Archangel drives the snake far from me. Humble Mary Ann and I live in peace even in a dive bar. We attract people by our humble goodness inside.

Then is fulfilled the prophecy of Isiah 11:6  “The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together, and a little child shall lead them.”

Artwork by permission of Jennifer Keeler Conahan. Contact

Chapter 1 – There are two paths to God.

One path to God is the Word.  By Word I mean in particular the Gospels of Jesus Christ and in general the parallel Bibles recognized as authoritative by the Catholic Church.

Another path to God is Smart® Natural Law. By Smart® Natural Law I mean education leading up to interdependence based on Spirit-centered community put into practice like a trade school. The Loquate Experience is the experience of Smart® Natural Law. Smart® habits lead to happiness or joy for Smart® group members and increased sense of community in every group of which they are a part.  Smart® Natural Law is like a vein of gold within that may now be found. The vein of gold is a caring presence that exists outside of ourselves that may be invited to reside within. Uniquely, Loquate is an expert on interdependence based on Spirit-centered community with freedom to live your deepest beliefs in harmony with all. Makes where you work, a best place to work.  Makes where you live, a best place to live. Brings peace on earth.


“From the book Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux,

Black Elk; Neihardt,


as an example of Smart® Natural Law I Jeff Liautaud author of Conversations With God embrace Black Elks’ vision in 1872 as Black Elk is one whose whole life gave witness to commitment and trust in God.  Black Elk is up for canonization as a saint in the Catholic Church. They are looking for a miracle today. If you know of one contact Fr.  In what I call an interdependence based on Spirit-centered community, see Black Elk’s words below.

Sacred Hoop of Life-Black Elk Speaks!                                                     R150-ai

May Black Elk being a holy man of
the Oglala Sioux intercede for us to
protect this earth and its water.


                                               “Then I was standing

                        on the highest mountain of them all,

                                          and round about me

                           was the whole hoop of the world.

                                       And while I stood there

                                      I saw more than I can tell

                             and I understood more than I saw;

                           for I was seeing in a sacred manner

                           the shapes of all things in the spirit,

                                                  and the shape

                                                of all the shapes

                                        of all things in the spirit,

                                      and the shape of all shapes

                                       as they must live together

                                                 like one being.

                  And I saw that the sacred hoop of my people

                                      was one of many hoops

                                        that made one circle,

                                wide as daylight and starlight,

                                           and in the center

                             grew one mighty flowering tree

                                   to shelter all the children

                              of one mother and one father.

                                And I saw that it was holy.”



Chapter 2 – The Two Paths Are Pluralistic Not Mutually Exclusive.

My first book God’s Will on Earth was officially published in 1987 as not needing an imprimatur of the Catholic Church. My second book Conversations With God is likewise published in 2023 without an Imprimatur but for different reasons as stated below.

The second path is referred to under Canon Law 248 for priests.

Can. 248 “The doctrinal instruction given is to be directed so that students acquire an extensive and solid learning in the sacred disciplines along with a general culture appropriate to the necessities of place and time, in such way that, grounded in their own faith and nourished thereby, they are able to announce in a suitable way the teaching of the gospel to the people of their own time in a manner adapted to their understanding.”

People today, especially young people declare they are too busy to go to church.  Or they are not getting anything out of church. What they are really saying is church is not as relevant to them as their free will pursuit of happiness. In many cases they see themselves as good people. In comes science. This is where Smart® Natural Law comes into play. Jeff voluntarily obligates himself to this additional obligation reserved for priests in Canon 248 on doctrinal instruction of which Jeff is not officially required but interiorly Jeff self-obligated himself thereof.

I believe God wants me to share the example of my life in pursuit of both paths.



Chapter 3 – A Community That Rocked My Soul into a Quest, and Marriage.

It is so good to have you here on a night like this where we can share dreams like I had at Quincy College.

The community I experienced there rocked my soul in a way so profound that I have spent 50 years in my avocation understanding what God has been asking of me. Yet in comparison to your path to the Lord what I have to say is meaningless. For without commitment and action no man can achieve what I have so longingly sought to understand. There is nothing else except God’s love of me and of you. United we form community. God’s plan is unity for all.

Holy nothingness is what I call my life’s work named Loquate. In Latin Loquate means “Speak!” It is the emphatic form of the verb loquitur which means to speak.

Get on with “it.” That is what Loquate means. The “it” is your path to community. I have studied this for years and years. Let me explain.

First, I moved to Manhattan. I worked on Wall Street. I was an apprentice Investment Banker, that is until I got let go.

When I took stock of my situation my work life was progressing well but my social life was in shambles…worse…I had none. I remember praying in a little church at the foot of Wall Street asking intercessory help from Mary to find the right girl to marry.  So, when I was let go, I assessed my total situation, I packed up my belongings, put them in a trailer attached to my car, came home to Chicago, and never looked back. The Blessed Mother’s name is Mary and her mother’s name was Ann.  I didn’t know it at the time, but my future wife was there, waiting for me in Chicago. My wife’s name is Mary Ann. She saved my life, my eternal life. Her mother helped.

Her mother’s name was Mercedes, but we called her Merc. Merc and Bill had adopted a little girl. That girl was named Mary Ann.

I had met Mary Ann in 1966 at Wauconda, a quarry beach swimming hole in Missouri. This was a favorite week end gathering place for students at Quincy College.  Yah like a bunch of Huck Finn’s and Becky Thatcher’s running around. But to the eye this was a quarry, definitely a quarry.  Students will make do with just about anything. An old limestone quarry had filled with clear water, and even was dotted with students on a beach area.

This is how I met Mary Ann in College. I was there at Wauconda with Mike Graham, and  Bonnie, today Bonnie Byrne, who was Mary Ann’s roommate. Mike knew Bonnie. Bonnie introduced Mike and me to Mary Ann.  That is kind of how it was at Quincy College.  Everyone knew each other.  Mary Ann was a freshman.  I was a senior.  We never dated in College.

After working in New York, when I came back to Chicago it was largely for my social life. I had an old college directory.  I began to call girls within a range that was close enough to downtown Chicago where I lived, in relation to where the person in the directory lived.  I came across Mary Ann’s name.  I circled it.  By now I had my own apartment in Chicago at Lake Point Towers. I was established.  I used my directory to call.  Surprisingly to myself I got lots of dates.  I was a bit shy in College.

But every time I called Mary Ann, I couldn’t reach her.  I had a rule.  I would stop calling any prospective date after 3 attempts, irrespective of reason.  Mary Ann’s mother and I developed a little relationship. It was 1970. I’d call on the house phone. In those days, there usually was only one phone for everyone who lived in the house. Her mother Merc would answer.  Merc was fun and lively. It was only because Merc began to say she knew “Mary Ann wanted to go out” with me that I kept calling past 3 calls.  My ego sustained 5 calls. Then bingo, I got a date.

I had a good relationship with Mary Ann’s mom even before Mary Ann.  I asked Mary to intercede for me. Who else can say that if it were not for their spouse’s mother, they would not have married their spouse?  Not many, I would guess. To me that is clearly the intercession part.

Then we began dating.  It was awesome.  Once we started dating, we talked about many things.  It was so easy to talk with Mary Ann.  To this day, everyone says that.  I really loved this girl’s gift of conversation.  She was very conversational.  She wanted to hear others. And in a lively way give her own opinion, like her mom. My friends all liked her.  We had lots of mutual friends, mostly from Quincy College.

In the beginning before “going out,” slang for dating, I felt like I needed to tell her what we were going to do on our date.  You know, entice her with a date event, usually a party with mutual friends.

Mary Ann had been a member of the “in crowd” at Quincy.  These were very desirable girls, mostly from the look of things.  Well, it wasn’t long before Mary Ann would cut me short and say “it didn’t matter,” meaning she just enjoyed being with…Moi.

I was an adopted member of the “joy boys,” who were sophomores at Quincy College when I was a senior.  There were many of them who called Chicago home.  And my best man in my wedding, a character named Bill Downes, even spent a semester at Quincy, largely with the joy boys.  They sure knew how to have a good time. So many of them lived in Chicago that the parties continued after graduation.

I ran into a problem.  I had invented a list in my mind of the things I wanted in a girl to marry.  Mary Ann didn’t qualify in some regards.

It was bugging me. I decided to break up.  I told her.  She started to cry.  I offered to take her home.

She said “No.” She would take a cab. Then she looked at me and through her tears said “I would never like to be forgotten.”

Boy, did I feel bad.  I asked my roommate to ask her out, without an explanation why.  He did.  They went sailing.  He was nice to her.

I couldn’t forget her.  Through her tears, I could see she loved me, and how much she loved me.

I had made a huge mistake.  I did not even have “Love” on my stupid list.  Artificiality can creep in and crowd out the real McCoy.  To this day I regret that.

Even though I made a mistake, I couldn’t let this go by.  What was happening to me was bigger than myself.  Through the cross I had given another, I became a believer in the other.  I just couldn’t let her go.

When next I called, her mother was skeptical but Mary Ann said “Yes.”  We got along well again. Mary Ann was a grade school teacher.  She lived at home with her parents in River Forrest, a suburb of Chicago.  One Saturday I stopped at the fanciest fish store I could find.  I got about 3 pounds of stone crab.  It was cooked, and they cracked it for me, very fresh.

Mary Ann and I were planning to go out. I was going to surprise Merc and Bill, Mary Ann’s dad.  When I rang the doorbell, Merc answered.  I said “Do you like stone crabs?”  She grinned. I came into their bungalow, and all of us sat around the kitchen table and ate stone crabs. I really won back Merc’s heart then I think.

Bill was awesome.  He was a man’s man.  He would put his arm on your shoulder, look around and whisper “Is Merc around?”  Then he would ask me for a cigarette, and tell me a story.

Once he organized a bus trip for his local chapter of Knights of Columbus (KCs). He told me about an outing he arranged. The KCs would go by bus from River Forrest Illinois to a Notre Dame University football game in South Bend, Indiana.  Notre Dame had, and still has, quite a following in the Midwest.  Bill and his friends had a ball.  Well, after the game was over and when it was time to leave, KCs bus was parked where all the other busses were. A lot of the busses looked alike. They were mostly all yellow, and one man of Bill’s River Forrest KCs was still missing.  They waited and waited. When theirs was the only bus left, they returned to River Forrest.

Days later, Bill saw the missing man and quickly asked what happened.  The man said “I got on the bus and went to sleep, but when I woke up, I was in Cleveland.” Bill and I laughed, and laughed.

I couldn’t wait for those stories. Bill had many such stories.  But the story I loved best about Bill was something Mary Ann told me.  She used to go to Trinity High School, an all-girls’ Catholic high school.  It was located at the opposite end of River Forrest from where she lived.  She would walk home with her school books.

Whenever her dad would finish his job as a paint salesman early, he would drive the streets nearby, find her, and ask her if she wanted a ride home. I could relate. They really loved each other.

As Mary Ann’s and my relationship grew, we went to a party.  A friend said “That Mary Ann,” nodding her way with his head, “is looking mighty fine.”  I smiled inside.  I thought the same thing.  Then I got protective. That may have been when we started to become “an item,” slang for a serious next step.

Then came the ultimate truth. I loved Mary Ann.  One day on a fall river trip on the Current River near St. Louis, Missouri, our friends Bill and Carol Slater joined us. When Mary Ann and I were alone in our canoe, the multi colored leaves cascaded down like giant rainbow snowflakes, and I told her, “I love you.”

We talked about marriage and were on the same page.  After about 6 months, one day Mary Ann said “Let’s get this show on the road.” I couldn’t agree more.

I went to Marshall Fields’ of Chicago and bought the finest quality diamond ring I could find.

With my little flip topped box for my diamond ring in my pocket, I drove to Mary Ann’s grade school in Bellwood where she was teaching.  It was on a Friday afternoon, about the end of the school day. I went into the Principal’s office, and told them what I had in mind.  They were enthusiastic. They told me where her classroom was, and agreed to let me knock on her door.

I got there. I looked through the window in the door.  I saw her teaching the little 4th graders.  I waved my arm.  I had the flip top ring box in my other hand behind my back. The kids saw me too.  They stared, and when they saw me, some started giggling. I could hear her tell the kids to be still, and she opened the classroom door. She asked “What are you doing here?”

I pulled out the ring box from behind my back and asked her to “Mary Me.” (That is no typo.)

She said “Yes.” Then she put on the ring.

From the moment she put on the ring, for all intents and purposes, that school day was over. When she showed the ring to her students, and told the kids in her classroom, they really started to giggle.

Then we went from room to room to meet the other teachers.  The Principal and Secretary were with us.  Everyone in her school community was excited for us.  They loved Mary Ann. It was obvious how much they loved her.

Mary Ann 1973

One More Step

That night I asked permission to marry Mary Ann from her parents who were away for the weekend with close friends in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  I had to call the home of the close friends.  They gave the phone to Merc.  Bill was listening in. Merc asked if I loved Mary Ann.  I thought the answer was obvious. I silently paused. They must have known the truth.  I did love her.  They said “Yes.” Quite a party there too.

It was time for the families to meet.  Merc invited us over for dinner.  John and Ethel, my parents, had five children.  When we came for dinner, Merc had rice.  My brother Jim said: “Look, they are trying to get in good with us.  They have rice.” Our family ate rice at almost every dinner. Merc was Irish and they ate a lot of potatoes.  We all laughed.

The wedding came.  It was a cast of thousands.  I had all my brothers and sisters in my wedding.  And Mary Ann had all her family and friends.

Merc and Bill were a real friendly couple. After we got married, their party became our party.  Their friends were like us. We even were invited to play bridge with them. Once I thought Bill was floundering to find a suit.  I doubled his bid. Turns out, it was an artificial bid asking for aces, kings, etc. They got so many points…and the young pup was put in his place.

Now over a half century later, our marriage has stood the test of time. Mary Ann has stood by me ever since she said “Yes.” I have been so honored and blessed since we got married.  Because in my eyes I married the perfect girl for me, the one that for us, heaven intervened.  In the eyes of God, we have an amazing love story.

We have had our crosses too in each other.

God is like that. God wants us to say “Yes.”

That is why the path I have chosen is so important.

1993 Left to right: son JT, Jeff, Mary Ann, daughter Angie, Merc, daughter Jacki, son Alex

2023: Mary Ann and Jeff 


Chapter 4 – A Collision Course.

My first year of College was spent at Northwestern University.  It was a collision course between my area of meaningful expansion for myself and my father’s area of meaningful expansion that he wanted for me.

Ever since I can remember, my father had in mind that one day I was to run his safety equipment manufacturing company, Fendall, principally head and eye protection. My grades were decent and I got into Northwestern.  It was a foregone conclusion that I would be enrolled in Business School.  One day a friend said to me that if I could get as interested in my studies as I was in whatever leisure pursuit we were doing at the time, I would be a huge success.

I just was not that interested in my studies. At the end of my freshman year at Northwestern, I was put on Academic Probation and Disciplinary probation for attempting to build a snow wall across Sheridan Road.

The Dean said I could wait out for a quarter and then come back, or not come back, which is what he suggested.  It was a low point in my life.

I did not go back.  I was working a job that had no real future, something I fell into. My father came home one night and said he may have found a school for me.  A friend of his, Ed Kennedy, was on the Board of Quincy College and thought it might be ideal for me.  That is how I came to go there.  This time, my father let me choose my own major. I chose Mathematics. I did well

When I got out of Quincy, I went to graduate school at DePaul in Business Administration, and majored in Finance.  I had a plan. I would work for five years, then run my own business.  It was as close as I could come to an acceptable path in my father’s eyes.  I knew he would be retiring soon and I knew a lot of money was made and lost in business transition. I thought I knew how to help my family in another way in the germ of my idea. This propelled me to my first job on Wall Street in investment banking.

I believed one day I would own my own business of my own choice, and in the meantime, my background in Finance could help my father transition out of Fendall.

When I came back to Chicago from New York, we did a financial shift as I plied my trade. I separated that which my father could not afford to risk from that which he could afford to risk. We separated out enough liquid funds so that my father could retire. In effect, we shifted the balance of the risk from my father’s generation to the next generation without giving up equity to outsiders.

A son’s cross became a father’s blessing.

My father did retire. I finished my education in graduate school by studying business. We both got what we wanted. In the end my father had found the perfect college for me. I found Mary Ann, and a yearning began for something much bigger than myself, to replicate what I found at Quincy College… peace in community.


Found in my father’s personal belongings, hand written by him on the back of
the photo. I did not realize this photo meant that much to him, but there it was
near his personal notepad mentioning me close to his time of death.



Chapter 5 – Up North: Nature, Prayer, and a Mentor.

In the early years of my life, I spent summers in Northern Wisconsin. My father would largely be away working in Chicago. My mother, Ethel Liautaud loved nature. She taught myself and my sister Judy, the only ones still at the summer home, to notice wild flowers, like the wild Tiger Lily. It grew in the deep pine forest, undisturbed, and was rarely seen even then. I couldn’t wait to point one out to my mom. It was her favorite, and mine too.

I loved those days.  I had plenty of time to explore nature on our land. I sought God and this natural quietude helped me to ponder the mystery of God.

One day my friend Ron Downs and I slept out on a point of land that jutted out into the lake, a beautiful natural peninsula between two bays. It had a sand bar and clear water, though the point itself was far enough away from our house to be quite a rustic spot, and an adventure to be there on our own. We looked up into the clear, night sky and saw wonder after wonder, the Milky Way, and occasional shooting stars. Ron said “Who wouldn’t believe in God, looking at that?” I agreed.

My mother had a huge impact on me in this way.  She was a convert to the Catholic faith. She had a deep, silent reverence for God.  A child would notice that.

It was most often just Judy, myself, and my mom, the three of us at Bond Lake. It was so remote that, when we heard a car, we would listen intently to see if we could figure out where the car was coming from, or going.

I remember one terrific rain storm when we were inside and hoped to pick up my father.  A few times a summer, he would ride a milk train from downtown Chicago to a local depot near our summer home.  He would travel overnight and the engineer would stop the train sometimes just for my father.

Well, in this huge downpour before we could pick up my father, and before we could leave the house, my mom said “Let’s say a prayer so we can get to the car.”

I still remember my child’s faith in this rare external invocation to God.  In that moment I prayed with a child’s heart, deep faith in his mother, and a hoped for faith in God, as we all did. Voila. The rain halted. We dashed to the car.  No sooner had we closed the doors than the full force of the rain began pelting the car roof again in a torrential downpour.

“Wow,” I thought, “that prayer really works.” I was convinced. So, my faith grew.


One thing disturbed me. 

When we had get-togethers, it seemed that some people, especially children, were a lot less kind to each other than most adults.  That was in the 1950’s. Adults were still kind, courteous, and respectful toward each other back then, more so than today. But especially some kids sometimes could be mean. For example, I wondered why an overweight kid could be ridiculed by one who was slim and fast? So I would befriend the underdog and show him some maneuvers to dodge.

We all need help in some way and a Native American befriended me Up North near our summer home. Every Friday, my mother would drive the three of us to an historic Logging Camp located on the Namekagon River. She loved their broiled walleye. With a motif like a logger’s camp with a huge cleanliness upgrade for the tourists, a dinner was served family style. I remember metal plates, mashed potatoes, sides, broiled Walleye filets and potato bread rolls, served at long tables.

But my personal favorite was outside. Before going into the restaurant, I loved dashing out into an adjoining compound simulating a Native American village on the river named Namekagon after the place of the Sturgeon fish.  I had a buddy.

One Native American, Sam Frog, took me under his wing and taught me things I longed to know.  I would go back home and try to execute a tomahawk made from just the right rock, a wooden handle, and pine root split to hold it in place.

It wasn’t just learning about man in harmony with nature, but also about man in harmony with man.

My vision of the boy expanded from man in harmony with nature to man in harmony with his Creator.



Chapter 6 – A Spiritual Battle: Grace, Remorse, Grace.

When I was 12 years old, back home in Chicago, Illinois, one morning walking to daily mass during Lent, I took a shortcut from where I had just purchased a Long John pastry. I crossed Peterson Avenue and walked diagonally through a small wooded area. I became friends with a rabbit. Here is how that occurred and its life-long significance for me.

I was about 12. I passed that rabbit many times during the next 40 days of Lent. Each time the rabbit ran. At first the rabbit would leave its hiding place way before I got close. Each day the ritual repeated, I tried to take note of precisely the spot where the rabbit came out, but it was too far away. I could not find it. I became cautious and more predictable. So as the days progressed the rabbit took flight a little bit later.

Then one day before the rabbit took off I got close enough to notice precisely where the rabbit had been. Even now, I can still see its haunt in my mind’s eye. It was a hallowed out, egg-shaped, hiding place in which the rabbit when seated could commingle with vegetation to such a degree it was unseen. It went so unobserved for so long because the haunt and the rabbit’s mottled brown fur blended in with natural surroundings all around.

One tall grass stem even drooped over the top of the haunt, somewhat like an angler fish uses as a disguise. The vegetation opening itself was amazing… snug, perfectly fit for the rabbit to sit on its haunches,  prepared for flight should the need arise, from anyone like me walking down the path. Hidden in plain sight.

Interiorly in my heart, walking that shortcut path on my way to mass, I was in a holy place. The rabbit symbolically for me was an invitation to know God like receiving the Eucharist at mass. It was a blending of man in harmony with nature and nature in harmony with God. No one asked me to be on the path to mass. I wanted to go.

Curiously, when the day came that the rabbit stayed put even knowing and accepting my presence, we both looked at each other, I believed we bonded together. In that instant I received a knowing that I was to be different from my family. I understood that I needed to change from my early family behavior to new ways. The new ways were  away from hurting and harming others. This spiritual experience deep within me was drawing me to more loving ways.

No family is perfect. It is up to each of us to decide how much we will love others, when it is convenient or when it avoids trespassing others. For example, one of my sons Alex aged 15 loved to hunt and took a gun safety course. He withheld raising his gun when a pheasant was flushed by a guide. All of the hunters were on the perimeter of a bush where the guide walked when the pheasant flew up right between my son  and the guide. The guide was grateful. Education improves safety.

For one thing when I was about the age of Alex and even younger I too loved to hunt as did my father and brother John. I admired my brother John who could outrun rabbits! I know it sounds strange but I saw him do it many times. He was relentless. A rabbit is short winded. John was long winded. Eventually he’d catch up. The rabbit was doomed.

One time when he was about 19 hunting with his buddy Moose Otringer, he came home with over 30 rabbits largely running after them through yards and using his slingshot.  Caught in residential Lincolnwood, a policeman had brought John home for trespassing through yards. John waived surreptitiously to my father. I caught the sign. “It’s ok” said the sign. My father paid the fine. After the policeman was gone, John opened his trunk with the 30 rabbits undetected by the police man. My father praised John for the haul.

When you hunt you can become blind. Once the mind decides a matter, blind passion can give way to common sense. For example sometime later, I remember hunting in the prairies on the other side of California Avenue, where Mather High School stands today. A rabbit took flight. I went in pursuit.

When the hunted rabbit ditched into some rocks it took cover under a cast-off pallet rack. I took out my hunting knife. I tried again and again to stab the rabbit. I could not kill it. It escaped every time.


Later too in my life I abandoned my dream. I left God, committing all manner of sin, greed, lust, stealing, lying, and much more. The rabbit of my holy vision was like God inside me. I was trying to kill God.

I began to come to my senses in graduate school.  I had an apartment in Old Town, a district of Chicago. St. Michael’s Church was just doors away. I had begun to take advantage of the Sacraments. One day in confession the priest exclaimed: “What a humble confession.”

I walked out feeling “Wow. I am finally beginning to make some progress.” I was beginning to see that befriended rabbit, God within me again.

But it was not until I married Mary Ann that my life really changed for the better. She was more than a safe harbor for me. I really sought God again. And our shared history at Quincy College with its sense of community enriched an avocation of mine seeking peace for all mankind.




                                                     The 5 J’s in 2006


              The 5 J’s were born of John Liautaud 1903-1986 and Ethel Liautaud 1907-1976


In 1977 my father gently said this to me: “If you want to be in your own business, I could
help you.” In this way he fast forwarded my ultimate plan to own my own company. In 1978
I purchased Sherpa Snowshoe Company. As he helped each of his children to be in business
for themselves, his thinking shifted. That way the family would be stronger. One company
would be up and another would be down and they could help each other. My father hoped
Fendall could be a mother company for the benefit of all of his descendants.


My siblings were the 5 J’s: Jacki, John, Jim, myself Jeff, and Judy; and we had
a dog named JJ to which my father would quip “and we were planning to change
mom’s name to Jethel.”

Left to Right; brother John 1934-2017 (wife Marilyn 1936-2003 children Johnny, Steve, Mike,
Danny, Beth), Jeff 1943 (wife Mary Ann 1947 children Jacki, Angie, JT, Alex), brother Jim 1936-2015
(wife Gina 1938 children Greg, Jimmy John, Robby, Lara), sister Jacki 1931-2018 (husband David
1929-2018 children Kathy, Davy, Tiyi, Ann, Colleen, Tom, Kevin, Mimi, Patrick, Pete), and sister
Judy 1950 (husband Joe Schneberger 1953 former husband David Rodriguez children Kiona, Tessie)

The version of my extended family today in 2023 is the best version of my family I have yet seen. It did not have to turn out that way. Each of my brothers helped me when Sherpa was in near bankruptcy. I believe that the healing of my extended family occurred largely through my suffering and their suffering to purify our family as God alone could do. In the spirit of my mother and father may all generations look out for each other, be kind to each other, and in their own way bring peace on earth. For this I pray.

Mary Ann and I are proud of our children.

Jacki owns and runs her way Tree Fort Financial, Inc. Angie is a physical therapist. JT is a developer. Alex is a forester. My mother company Business Owners Charter, Inc. is professionally managed for the benefit of our children and their descendants. Angie is the Chairman of the Board and holds its voting control. All children and the professional manager share equally in non-voting equity. Mary Ann and I have given up control.


1986   Alex           Jeff           JT



Conversations with God.



A note to the reader for the Chapters below. I use my own writing convention throughout: God speaking uses no italics as in a quotation; (my speaking uses parentheses.) Often God speaks and the Holy Spirit interiorly deep inside me takes over. My spirit gets immersed in the bosom of God.


When I say conversations, I do not mean I hear voices outside of myself as with my ears. My conversations with God are all interior.  At this stage in my spiritual journey I recognize the difference between God talking, and the Holy Spirit taking over from within myself. I acquiesce. I open a parenthesis.


Since I listen very carefully I also discern the content. I have acquired the habit of acquiescing when I affirm the content, and rejecting the content when Satan is around. I need to pray a lot before I am willing to listen to guidance. Prayer calms everything down.


 I also open a parenthesis when I speak on my own.  So I take ownership of everything in the parentheses.


I have footnoted 3 sections in Chapters 10, as specific examples explaining use of my parenthesis convention above.




Chapter 7 – A Breakthrough: Jesus Speaks, Domain Theory, Interfaith Dialogue, and Surrender to the Will of God.

(7/1/2023 – Jesus speaks.)

I am Jesus, your Lord and Savior.

When I walked the earth, many were opposed to Me. My death was chosen not by them but by Me on behalf of the Father’s will. If you choose Me, you will suffer. Your domain

(my Domain Theory explains in vivid detail how we might profit from suffering in your image, Jesus. Yet it is open to people of all or no faith tradition through Interfaith Dialogue. It calls for first, a formation of a Loquate Smart® group that may benefit any person. Second it calls for Loquate’s safe sharing protocol of over 50 years’ experience building community seeking to bring peace on earth. We invite participants to run two scientific tests underpinning a treatise on peace.)

(Our strength is God’s strength. When we stay in unity with each other as children of God, we overcome Satan. God is glorified in our need, when we surrender to Him. God is more powerful than Satan. If one desires to be with God, God will never fail them.)

(Therefore, above all interdependence based on Spirit-centered community relies on God the Father Who alone can bring us all together in peace and harmony. The whole package is the work of Loquate, a retreat community for peace on earth.)

(All of my learning on suffering has been experiential. I learned from experience every one of the ways of Loquate. We all learn from suffering. For example, none of the business ownership transition begun by my father nor shift in the norms of my extended family came easy. I believe that the healing of my extended family occurred largely through my suffering and their suffering to purify our family as You, God, alone could do.)

(You hold me up. I am living in a bubble of community. Those who try to thwart my community get moved outside the bubble, not because of me, nor because of Loquate, but rather by their own choosing in free will.)

(I live my life. They live theirs. In the end You will decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. Or stated more clearly, upon death they will go where they choose to go. A scary thought.)

(As for myself, I seek to love all before me without exclusion.)

You have spoken well.

Yet there is one thing more to do. You must surrender to Me totally as in the Ruotolo prayer.

That is all for now.



Chapter 8 – I Have Merged My Consciousness in Prayer with the Most Holy Trinity and in Concert with Natural Law.

(7/3/2023 Jehovah Speaks.)

I am.

You will write another segment of your book dictated by Me and conversing with you. We begin.

(I have merged my consciousness in prayer with the Most Holy Trinity, One and the same Three Persons in One God a mystery beyond all comprehension, except I live it too. I am part of the mystery. I am in the bosom of God. I got here by not sinning. The only way one can commit sin is by knowing God’s will for you and not following it.)

(Sin is evil, an abomination to our true nature to be with You for all eternity. Excuse me for rambling on.)


(The Holy Spirit is within)

you. The Holy Spirit guides you ever so gently.

(Fr. William Horvath now deceased used to guide me that I was to savor the Holy Spirit like a Snicker’s candy bar, to stay in the presence of the Holy Spirit because He will not intrude. The Holy Spirit works from inside me. At times the Holy Spirit may not be distinguished from my own thoughts.)

(Merged thinking works like this. The other night in my Precious Blood small group, a threshold within my mind, like a circular boundary around my aura, my self spiritually, was penetrated by the prayer petitions spoken on behalf of each other. The Holy Spirit within me allowed this penetration as ardor of heart towards the spoken holy words of others. The spoken holy words outside of myself had partially penetrated my circular boundary that I might know the Holy Spirit interiorly was one and the same exteriorly. Ardor of heart draws me experientially inside and outside my heart like a penetrating flame of love, so beautiful! That kind of oneness is Spirit-centered community from within my small group. We share experience, not beliefs, as Miracles, First Hand in witness stories like what I described above.)

(One newcomer kept sharing beliefs based on scripture that was inappropriate to our process of sharing relevant resolution stories to a God concern of that night’s focus person, our primary member for that meeting.)

(The scripture was shared by the newcomer prematurely and without request by our facilitator.)

(This was curious because there is a place for scripture in our process but not yet. I had to reprimand the person spouting off scripture without regard for, nor inquiry into, the religion of our focus person. Only scripture relevant to the focus person’s religion, or if an atheist to an internet search relevant to the focus person, is provided.)

(Scripture out of time sequence disrespects and may undermine the focus person. The atomic discovery of my small group is sharing relevant resolution stories. We never have primary need to get into differences of belief. A relevant resolution story on the other hand is far gentler than unrequested scripture from another’s religion. A relevant resolution story implies that another had the same God concern, which is comforting. None of us want to feel alone with our God concern. And a relevant resolution story can help the focus person accomplish “That which they value the most for the common good.”)

(The facilitator keeps everyone on track but any and every experienced small group member shares equal responsibility for upholding our safe sharing protocol. I have been doing this volunteer work called Loquate for over 50 years.)

(My spirituality needs being in my small group for Spirit-centered community. As time goes on, it never gets old. Done right we are like scissors sharpening each other’s habits of emotional response learned at an early age. Like a good barber who trims hair just the way we want it, so too does our Loquate safe sharing process work.)

You have spoken well. Fifty years is a long time. Eternity is longer.

(In my Precious Blood group we seek our respective families, especially our children, to get to heaven. We seek to do this by changing our self and no one else.)

(When I change, the sociological system of which I am a part also changes. New alternative forms of behavior from my example are apparent.)

(But my prime goal is to get to heaven myself. I seek to leave behind ways that hurt and harm others and replace them with more loving ways. I wish to be a credit to the race called man. We all do, in our, small group. We seek to stay together for life.)

That is enough.

(My faith journey is as a Catholic. But our small group is open to anyone including atheists and agnostics. We trust each other’s good common sense beliefs to accomplish “That which they value the most for the common good.” We bring peace on earth by mentoring each other into Smart® Ambassadors of Spirit-centered Community. Because we live out peace on earth in our small group, we live peace on earth in every small group of which we are a part. Natural Law is this. By satisfying innate needs common to all mankind we tend toward happiness or joy for ourselves and all those around us. That is what we call living in a protective bubble of Spirit-centered community.)

(Founders are those who discover this truth in Natural Law. We call them Smart® Ambassadors of Community. Their hard work as servant leaders facilitating genuine Smart® groups brings happiness or joy to themselves, and increased sense of community in every small group of which they are a part. They must be willing to die for “That which they value the most.” God’s abundance flows through to us in Miracles, First Hand. Then instead of death comes life eternal.)

Thank you for doing this.

That is all.



Chapter 9 – A Prophecy of Peace and Opposition.

(7/4/2023 Jesus speaks.)

I am Jesus

(Yes. You are the Christ, my Lord and Savior.)

You will never be alone.

You have the Holy Spirit indwelling within you. There is no person on earth more in favor of Us than you. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit agree.

There is more to this than you

(or anyone)


Until I return to earth your mighty Loquate will

(quietly invite all on earth to join its worldwide movement toward peace for all peoples including unity for all as found in Ephesians 4:13.)

Yet, many will oppose you as they opposed Me. Those who try to thwart your work will be ruined. Those who oppose My will – will be ruined. You are alone in my favor as was Mary my earthly mother. She too

(brings many graces to those who request her intercession, all part of God’s mighty will on earth for all people on earth to be united in prayer and thanksgiving.)

Wars will implode their

(own ambitions. Total surrender to Your will is the answer.)

That is all

(for this chapter of my book.)



Chapter 10 – Natural Law Confirms the Right Path.

(7/6/2023 Jesus speaks.)

(In the name of Jesus Christ I pray that Satan does not talk to me in thoughts, words, deeds, dreams or visions. For this I pray.)

I am Jesus[1], your Lord and Savior.

This day you have chosen Me. Let Me explain. Ever since Adam and Eve committed original sin, their offspring

(lived[2] in a way not originally intended by You in the Garden of Eden. You wish all mankind to return to Your original intention.)

(That is still possible because You, Son of God the Father, died for my sins and for the sins of all mankind.)

(The choice is ours to make. If we believe in a caring presence outside of our self, You, oh Lord, then by grace our path gets validated. You send confirmations. All we need do[3] is to ask this simple question. In the past year what confirmation have I received validating the path that I am on is the right path to be on?)

(In those confirmations come well-being and increased motivation if we satisfy innate needs. If not, the path we are on leads to decreased motivation and mental illness. That is Natural Law.)

(This is scientific. The first step in Loquate’s 12 step program is this. “Ran a test on the validity of the primary values as related to my feelings.” That is where the validation of our path comes into play.)

You have spoken well. Now tell Me your discovery.

(My discovery is this. Our operating system is like a feedback loop. Living wellbeing in community increases motivation toward God. It is gentle and interior. By recognizing where abundance comes from, You, oh Lord, the caring presence outside of our self.  Our gratitude forms a prayer, sweet in fragrance to You. It gets us back to the Garden of Eden before the fall.)

You are correct. In this matter of an operating system, I created you in Our Trinitarian image and likeness. You are coming to Me. You will forever be coming to Me. Your atomic discovery

(is that all mankind is drawn to you interiorly through the Natural Law of innate needs which can only be satisfied by primary values. Lived out those primary values build community. Loquate is a process for building community and bringing Your abundance back to earth in peace and unity for all mankind.)

That is true. That is My will. You have done well. Live it.


[1] A note to the reader: At times Jesus is talking to me.

[2] A Note to the reader: This parenthesis is an example of the Holy Spirit talking.

[3] A Note to the reader: At times the Holy Spirit is talking to me, and at times I add my own thoughts, such as “All we need do…” God respects my free will.  Therefore I use parentheses to reflect both outcomes of the Holy Spirit or myself speaking.)



Chapter 11 – Rooted in Natural Law, the Spirituality of The Least is Open to All Mankind.

(7/7/23 Jesus speaks.)

I am Jesus, your Lord and Savior.

(what troubles me is this sentence: “You are alone in my favor as was Mary my earthly mother.” I fear others will not understand my delicate position. Satan tempts me to falsify my reputation. Satan tempts me to protect my reputation. I fear others will think these words too startling. Yet I know the truth. You have chosen me from all eternity to lead mankind across the threshold into Your bosom. I have already done this in my precious Loquate Smart® Work Meets Faith small group that builds Spirit-centered community. I must, I do, I will, put my total trust and faith in You. I have a job to do. I must get to heaven. To do this I must follow Your will at every turn.)

(My concern is over. Shall we continue?)

Explain this further.

(I don’t care what people think. Before God I am an honest man. Is that enough explanation?)

Not quite.

(I do not care about my reputation. My self is still burning away. I keep getting an ego that is smaller and smaller. My cross doing Your will is the means to becoming the Least.

A Video describes in song by Mark Miller the formation of The Least. It was based on a prophecy that I received in morning prayer.  I shared with Mark my moving experience. Mark and I were working together creating many of the video faith testimonies found at Mark was inspired and created the prophecy into a prayer like a Gregorian chant as an audio file on his own without any input from me. He surprised me with the song as a gift.  It moved me greatly that he would do this. Mark said he believed this was his best work ever. Then another turned Mark’s audio file skillfully into its current form as a video.

In another audio I describe an openness required by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church required to fill a communal spiritual gas tank like the Anawim found in The Least. So all of this taken together that You are inspiring me after the fact is consistent with the prophecy in song and for me is a Miracle, First Hand.  And the spirituality of The Least is open to all mankind rooted in Natural Law. If anyone has any further questions they should read The Least. I read it often. I follow it. It is inspired. Is that enough?)

Yes. Sleep now. You have a busy day ahead of you.

(Thank You. Good night.)

Good night.



Chapter 12 – The Protective Bubble of Community Begins First and Foremost with One’s Own Family.

(7/10/23 The Father speaks.)

I am Jehovah, Father of you and Jesus.

There is a difference. Jesus is my divine Son. You are my human son.

(You support both of our procreations through sex. You take pleasure in our creation, Jesus through Mary and the Holy Spirit. Myself through my parents John and Ethel. They had five children. Each is different. Each is loved. The same is true of my wife Mary Ann and our four children.)

(You give each)

I give each man and woman in marriage the right to procreate. No other creation of mine has this right.

(What of animals?)

Animals do not have souls. They are inanimate spiritually. Some are intelligent. Many can love. All can procreate under the right circumstance. Yet only man has

(free will and a soul. From all eternity You knew me before I was procreated. How is this possible? The scriptures say every hair on our head is counted.)

Your free will is predestined under My authority alone. Your procreation is your choice alone. Any who say differently are greatly mistaken.

My authority has no limit. I am eternal. I am Who am.

(I know this is true. Still You are eternal Mystery. When I was young I realized that by definition You already had everything. For You are God almighty. The only reason You could have for creating me is out of love. For I long to exist.)

(A philosophy teacher taught that the greatest proof of eternal life is that we long to exist.)

He is correct.

(I know You are nothing but love. I know this by the experience of my life. Especially when you redirect me, sometimes willingly, sometimes unwillingly, through my cross. But in every case willingly or not You knew what was best for me. Take Mary Ann for example. She is the perfect wife for me.)

(We chose to have children out of love. We loved each other. We loved and still love each one equally. We would do anything for them. We would die for them in an instant.)

(You created that loving environment to protect our children from all eternity. You knew. You counted every hair on my head for example. This procreation in marriage was according to Your will. Procreation outside of marriage)

Is against My will. How could it be otherwise? The protective bubble of community begins first and foremost with one’s own family, does it not?

(Most definitely. The family is the greatest socializing force on earth. Without the sanctity of family, society breaks down.)

Yes. And more than that, society

(becomes destructive. To destroy)

an unborn child is not My will. It is evil personified in hatred promulgated by Satan, the evil one who disobeyed Me after I created Him. There was one angel who blamed Me for his existence so often I destroyed him. That was an example never repeated. I am God.

You please Me greatly. You seek only to do My will. You are special. I need your example in these times.

(“Be a priest.” Those were Your words to me so loud I looked around to see if my little sister Judy aged 3 heard them years ago at our summer home when I was about 10. She did not hear them.)

(I could not become a priest. I tried. You had other plans for me. I could “be” a priest. That is my consolation. A priest is known by his special relationship to God. This is open to all of us to be a priest in the order of Melchizedek.)

You have chosen. Let others choose. That is all.



Chapter 13 – The History of God Speaking to Me.

(7/12/23 Jesus speaks.)

I am Jesus, your Lord and Savior.

By the power of the Holy Spirit I was conceived of the Virgin Mary, My mother. She speaks:

I am Mary mother of Jesus. When I was chosen by the Father to conceive I knew not how this could occur as I was without a husband. Yet Joseph married me.

(I have in the past spoken to Joseph but far more conversation occurred with you, Mary. I was first and foremost consoled by you that my difficult choice to be with the Father at all times would be rewarded by my closeness with you.)

(Each person of the Holy Trinity spoke to me commencing in 1985 and continuing to this day.)

(When I first received guidance in October of 1985, I did not write anything down. I felt remorse at not writing this down. I began writing things down about 1 year later. From 11/6/86 through 12/4/20, I have 6,820 pages (diary 297 + pray 44=341 sets of 20 pages almost all typed 8.5 x 11= about 6,820 pages), of which My Role  is about 52 pages.)

(After you, Mary, your Son Jesus spoke extensively to me. Then the Father spoke to me even more extensively. Today the Holy Spirit is my most extensive contact with the Holy Trinity from within myself.)

(I will not publish all of this historic guidance until well after my death. I thank you Mary for interceding for me with the most Holy Trinity.)

(Whenever I went to Medjugorje, my prayer always brought me to request and experience your intercessory prayer for my wellbeing to the most holy Trinity. You are Queen of Heaven. You are Mir Queen of Peace. Praying for your intercession to the most Holy Trinity for us as believers in you always works. God the Father was your spiritual Father. God the Son, Jesus, was your virginal Son by the power of the Holy Spirit, your spouse. But you are fully human, not divine. Perhaps that is why you extensively consoled me from the beginning of my guidance.)

Jeffrey, you are the most holy one of Medjugorje. You are like my Son. You will forever be coming to my Son. Thank you for answering my call.

That is all.



Chapter 14 – My Public Writings Seek to Always be Consistent with the Magisterium, or Teaching Authority of the Catholic Church.

(7/13/23 Jehovah speaks.)

I am Jehovah, Father of Jesus. You asked

(About generative sequence of the three persons of the most Holy Trinity. According to



“Father and Son and Holy Spirit: three persons indeed, but one essence…: the Father proceeding from none, the Son from the Father alone and the Holy Spirit equally from both, without beginning, always, and without end.”

(My question is this. How did Jesus grow up?)

Jesus grew up under the tutelage foremost of Mary and Joseph. By the power of the Holy Spirit.

(This is a mystery to me. A long time ago You told me that revelations new to the Roman Catholic Church would not be adopted by the Church until after my death. You also told me that my public writings would always be consistent with the Magisterium, or teaching authority of the Catholic Church. Yet here I am on the brink of a new mystery as far as I can tell about the generative sequence of the three persons of God. So I googled: Vatican: generative sequence of the three persons of God. Unless my source is the Vatican I disregard the answers served up.)

(Furthermore, I know God is nothing but love. I am to have faith in God. I will forever have to have faith in God. Like St. Francis of Assisi I go from gospel to life and life to Gospel. So I stop here in our conversation unless You, Father, have more to say. My life is my example. I hope the example of my life is sufficient proof of my faith in You.)

The example of your life is sufficient. What you have accomplished in your lifetime is amazing. Your faith is intact. Like Francis you are more of a doer than a philosopher. Sleep now. This Chapter of your book Conversations with God is over.



Chapter 15 – The Anawim or Remnant.

(7/14/23 Jehovah speaks.)

(Take away all of my self-will, habitual, impulsive self-will. Open my heart to Your Word.)

I am Jehovah. Soon the whole world will know of you. Are you ready?

(I am not ready. I will never be ready. Only Your Son, Jesus was ready. What He did I never could, nor ever will, be able to do. You know this. Yet I am ready only to give my all to you. Lead me by the hand as you would a peaceful little child.)

From this moment forward you alone shall lead mankind across the threshold into My bosom. You are the one like the Son of man. You are the rider on the white horse from the Book of Revelation.

Your mighty army is formed. The remnant is

(the Anawim. I met two yesterday. Their joy is with You. They)

Have known you for many years. They have asked you to lead them in prayer, have they not?

(In a way, yes. But I have had such little support from priests. My new local pastor will get the final say. My old local pastor is retired from my parish near my summer home.)

Then do what you were asked to do. Call on your new local pastor. Ask him how he would like you to proceed. He is good. Is he not?

(Yes. The best up here. I will ask. I will lead. I will enjoy doing this practice if my new local pastor agrees. I have some ideas. I will eagerly seek to forge a space to proceed with him.)

Many thanks to you My most holy one of Medjugorje. That is all. Sleep now.

(It is 5 am. I have been praying for some time. I will try. Goodnight.)




Chapter 16 – The Little Ones Keep Trying.

(7/15/23 Jehovah speaks.)

I am Jehovah. What do you think now?

(My new local pastor has said he will back anything I want to do. It happened like this. Two local parishioners pulled into my driveway on 7/13/23. We talked. One never left the car as she was ill recovering from cancer. We stood around her window. They told me of their Catholic, very Catholic, spiritual practices. For example the one recovering from cancer said miraculously a recording of Fr. Ruotolo’s surrender prayer began playing as she woke up. It saved her at a time she was quite ill. She surrendered to God. She has since perked up conquering spiritually the negative aspect of her cancer. It was beautiful to hear. The other local parishioner drew a map. I looked at it. It was an original, hand drawn map to guide me to a remote country cemetery where her husband, will be interred. She asked me to do a reading at the cemetery. Before they left I gave each a copy of “the practice” which is a color booklet of 12 pages. It includes a scriptural Rosary, which helps to keep in memory main events in the history of our salvation as a compendium of the Gospel authorized by the Director of Fr Joseph Mary Sergott, O.P. 11-13-18.)

(The parishioner whose husband’s interment is coming up exclaimed: “You should show this to our new local pastor. Some in our tri-parish wish to have a Rosary devotion.” I was skeptical. You, Father, encouraged me. Without Your guidance I never would have called my new local pastor.)

(My new local pastor was available and he suggested he come by my home. We met and spoke. What of this?)

(I believe Mary’s army of the Anawim is forming. Those like my two local parishioners rely on You for everything. The Anawim are those who are bowed down. Emptying one’s self makes room for the Spirit. The Anawim depend totally on God for whatever they own.)

Well said.



Chapter 17 – A Miracle, First Hand.

(7/17/23 Jehovah speaks.)

I am Jehovah. Have you understood this day?

(I have seen a miracle first hand.  A friend was visiting with me after our morning walk together in the nearby woods.  My daughter came up from her office in a tree fort. I asked her for the contact info of a biologist in training and longtime member of our lake community.)

(My friend is interested in being a lake monitor inspecting boats before putting in and taking out of our lake. The lake boat landing is close to his home.  He has been a lake monitor elsewhere for 2 years. This is a better position for him.)

(My daughter said my friend should call our  lake biologist who was deciding this matter at that very moment.  She texted the biologist.  The biologist gave my friend the job! That was the Miracle, First Hand.)

(Is there more?)

Yes. Any person can follow your success.

That is all.



Chapter 18 – On My Knees, I Pray Again.

(9/5/23 Jesus Speaks.)

If you accept your diagnosis

(If I accept my diagnosis of mild expressive aphasia, I may be unable to complete my Loquate work without professional assistance. Professional assistance at Loquate costs money I do not have. I will need help or volunteers. Either way, my role becomes narrower. I know I have something in Loquate. Please bring me paying members to continue this work. For this I pray.)

I will bring you

(to my knees. Jesus I surrender to You, take care of everything. That is all. Goodnight.)

Goodnight. Your plea has been

(heard. Nothing more. My faith grows. You know best. Amen.)

(I am fine. I have a kind of peace from this.)

(I know Who the Father is. You are benevolent beyond compare. You created your human children in Your image and likeness. You are eternal. That distinguishes us from You. For we were born in time. You are immutable, no beginning, no end. Yet You want us to partake in Your deepest mysteries.)

(When I look at the universe around me, I can be blind by not following Your will in Natural Law. To know, love, and serve You is my blessing; provided I do not blind myself by thwarting my own or some brother’s or some sister’s innate needs. We are all brothers and sisters in the family of man. My vision of Your creation gets distorted by dysfunction. If I am evil, I see evil.)

(You send Satan wrapped in chains to tempt me more into even greater evil that I might yet see the error of my ways.)

(On the other hand, when I am an Anawim, relying, and trusting You for all that I possess, Your infinite will becomes my track to success. I can never possess You. You are immutable. Yet I can be in your likeness and image.)

(If I say, Jesus, make Yourself known to me in a way I can personally know and understand it is You, You will do so.)

(Did you hear me, world? If so, have you tried what I said? If so, did not Jesus make himself known to you as your personal Lord and Savior? If so, have you abandoned yourself to Him? Do you pray? Prayer is the most elemental way to know, love, and serve God. Next is scripture, your religion or mine, it does not matter. The pursuit is what matters. God did not have in mind that we kill each other to make our beliefs universal. Satan has that in mind.)

(Satan always uses the same temptation: God does not quite have it right. Take matters in your own hands, says Satan. Abandon God.)

(Satan’s greatest enemy is found in the Ruotolo Prayer: Jesus I surrender myself to You, take care of everything. This brings me back to my peace.)

(Time and again You bring Miracles, First Hand to me. I have a spiritual gas tank on my back. Being with others, like the Anawim, depending on God for all that we possess, brings Miracles, First Hand. Another sharing their miracle fills my spiritual gas tank. This is essential, to see God at all; top down sermons never work as effectively without true life examples. That is what Loquate does. Relevant resolution stories share true life examples.  Your example is at the center of your community; not your beliefs, not your “Atta boys,” not yourself.)

(I raised 4 children. Each tends toward being selfless. My dear wife, Mary Ann, is the most selfless one of all of us. She influenced our children far more than I. Yet I am essential for my radical honesty.)

(My life has been largely a blind pursuit to imitate God by acting in faith. What has come to me, seemingly has come to no other.)

(In thousands and thousands of pages of conversations with God, You have told me that You need an example. This has come to me with great peril. That peril is my cross. If I embrace Your cross, I will come to God. There is no other way to wash one’s self clean of some of one’s attachments to this world. We can all do this by surrender to God as in the Ruotolo prayer.)

(Today, nearing age 80, I know, like Tobit,  that You, Father Almighty, have every hair of my head numbered. You know when I will die. You know how much of my life’s work will be accomplished in my life time. It does not matter. I am determined only to do Your will. For this I pray! Amen!)

(But before I go, like all of Your Anawim, I testify to Your abundant goodness manifested to me in my life.)


(I had a vision.

I saw a peasant lady in a polka dot head covering, like a babushka.)

(I saw a skull in a military helmet. Jesus speaks.)

The peasant lady is protected. She is an Anawim.

The helmet with the skull inside depicts


The vision’s meaning

(is this. Satan has no control except in death for one who chooses Satan. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states: 1022 “Each man receives his eternal retribution in his immortal soul at the very moment of his death, in a particular judgment that refers his life to Christ: either entrance into the blessedness of heaven-through a purification 594 or immediately, 595 — or immediate and everlasting damnation.


At the evening of life, we shall be judged on our love. 595″)


Death purifies ultimately. It transfixes one on their path in truth on earth. The

(one who dies, chooses where he goes, heaven or hell.)

Purgatory exists. Purification on earth


The greater the purification on earth, the greater the place in heaven.

No one knows this more than you.

You are the most holy one of Medjugorje. Go forth with your mission as you see fit to do so.

I will bless your free will. You will decide a matter and it will be given to you.


That is all.



Chapter 19 – Final Chapter – Love of God.

(11/1/23 The Feast of All Saints, at Mass.)

(Miracles abound. Everything is coming to a head.)

I am Jehovah, Father of

(not only of Jesus but of all mankind of which I am but one.)

Your presence amazes me. You do

(I have faith, so I do Your will. I trust not in what I think I know. I trust only in You, Father. For this I pray.)


Post script: the book is ended.






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    Jeff Liautaud photo taken 2022

If ever there was a reason for my conversations with God, I believe it is to explain Who and What God is. There are two paths to God. One path to God is the Word. Another path to God is Smart® Natural Law, a science based, repeatable path to happiness or joy for Smart® group members and increased sense of community in every group of which they are a part. God needs examples of living the two paths pluralistically. The Loquate Experience is the science based outcome of the second path.

Smart® Natural Law

By Smart® Natural Law I mean education leading up to interdependence based on Spirit-centered community put into practice like a trade school. It works like this.

Innate needs when satisfied yield enhanced self-motivation and mental health and when thwarted lead to diminished motivation and well-being. With over half a million Research Articles since 2017, the science of innate needs  has exploded citing Deci and Ryan.  Ryan finds “Remarkable Convergence” with Loquate’s primary values discovered by Loquate in 1977 and innate needs.

Loquate acquiesces to the scientific discovery and explanation of Arthur C. Brooks on the four pillars of happiness which are family, friends, work, and faith. Smart® habits are like a vein of gold within that may now be found. Uniquely, Loquate is an expert on interdependence based on Spirit-centered community with freedom to live one’s deepest beliefs in harmony with all. Makes where you work, a best place to work.  Makes where you live, a best place to live. Brings peace on earth. Join Loquate.

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